Bono makes apology for abuses at charity foundation

dd57c8b49dd33ebe6eb35a832ebc3202 - Bono makes apology for abuses at charity foundation

Bono is “shocked and furious” about the abuses in his organization, The One Campaign. The U2 singer offered Sunday his apologies.

According to Bono, it is clear that employees of his charity foundation is not adequate in protection are taken. Against The Mail on Sunday he said: “I should also be responsibility for this.”

The One Campaign fights against poverty in Africa. Last weekend, a group of ex-employees out with their experiences. They claim for years to be harassed by a supervisor. On complaints that the organisation was not responded to.

The former employees claim between 2011 and 2015 “worse than dogs” are treated.

One of the ex-employees has stated that they have a lower position, after they had refused to get intimate with a overheidsbeambte, against whom the executive is sexist and suggestive comments about her had made.


Another was summoned on the weekend of household work to do at the manager’s home. The supervisor sent regular e-mails around which members of staff “worthless” or “idiot” were also mentioned.

Bono acknowledged Sunday that there is something terribly wrong had gone into the organization, and said that he greatly regretted. The U2 frontman has stated that he will soon pass by the old employees, to them personally to apologize.


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