Belgian minister about meat plant: ’its gangster activity and fraud’

50dc4a265b7b96d721ef017661da06e5 - Belgian minister about meat plant: ’its gangster activity and fraud’

BRUSSELS – The Belgian landbouwminister Denis Ducarme describe the abuses at meat plant Veviba in Bastogne and the parent company Verbist as “its gangster activity and fraud on a large scale.” The scandal is for him the occasion to implement reforms at the fasfc FASFC.

By slaughterhouse Veviba would have tampered with the invriesdatum.

Last week it was revealed that there Veviba was fiddled with the invriesdata and labels of beef products. Several supermarkets did the company immediately in the ban.

The minister thoroughly investigate how the FASFC monitors and passes information to the political level, ” he said Monday in the parliament. Ducarme has since taking office in 2017, say that weaknesses in the agency shall be adopted. For a control in 2016, it was revealed that 70 percent of the vleespakketten not comply with the rules was satisfactory, said the minister, according to The Standard.

The service would then “more active and more aggressive” to operate, said Ducarme. PRODUCTION director Herman Dirickx argued that his service has difficulties because of budget cuts. “One must be very well aware that Veviba a very large company that is very complex,” he said further.

’Not a cheater’

Louis Verbist of the market leader in the Belgian meat-processing industry said on Monday in Flemish media, “not a cheater”. He also denied that the company vleesafval in minced meat has to be processed.

The federation of the Belgian food industry (Fevia) let us know that “the fraudulent practices of individuals, the image of the sector as a whole are likely to diminish.”

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