BBC complains to UN over harassment by Iran

d0bc9cf7216fb4cdc52364ed51696b3c - BBC complains to UN over harassment by Iran

LONDON – The BBC is the United Nations calls on Iran to force it to stop with the harassment of staff at BBC Persian in London and their relatives in Iran. According to the British broadcasting company put the country in employees of Iranian descent more and more under pressure, for example, by means of intimidation, and review travel prohibitions. Also, family members are arrested.

The broadcaster turns to the UN human rights Council in Geneva. BBC staff can’t go to Iran travel out of fear of being arrested. The employees of BBC Persian by Tehran seen as subversive to the regime or as foreign spies.


A journalist received threats that she had to stop working for the broadcaster, or at least her colleagues had to spy on, in exchange for the release of her sister. Another employee received a similar threat, with the communication that the sender knew where her ten year old son went to school.

Various BBC employees now have police protection.

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