Babies, babysitting / child services drugged because owner wanted to exercise

84848af4cb7047e934cd55850613dd1d - Babies, babysitting / child services drugged because owner wanted to exercise

Bend – The owner of a child care has 21 years cell received because they are the ones between the afternoon drogeerde to go to the tanning bed and the gym.

The 32-year-old January Neatherlin from Bend in Oregon was last year arrested when the police discovered that they are seven unaccompanied children had left to go to the Crossfit class.

Child care Little Giggles turned also without a permit to work. January had also lied about her degree.

Parents were told that she was between 11 and 14 hours on a visit should come because the children (under 5 years) than slept. In reality, she brought with her the children of melatonin is faster and deeper asleep. Meanwhile, Neatherlin good the door and remained with the children alone.

“She served repeatedly a sleep-inducing drug to a room full of young children for her own narcissistic needs to pursue. There is no place in our society for this kind of monsters”, responded one of the shocked parents after the lawsuit in an interview with the station KTVZ.

According to one family their daughter even she got brain damage because they are rough would have been treated in the shelter. Of other children was the sleep behaviour drastically altered by the hormone melatonin.

Neatherlin was already four years with her illegal daycare. Also her claim that she qualified as a nurse, turned out to be wrong.

The case could be rolled up thanks to an ex-boyfriend of Neatherlin.

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