Australians save huge spider

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BRISBANE – most people would think twice before going near would come out of a spin that is larger than a mannenhand, which is a whistling sound and that big, poisonous teeth. But when a group of Australians such a huge spider in need saw dangling on a branch above a flood, they decided the animal rescue.

The Australian tarantula, also known as the whistling or bird-eating spider called, occurs in the warmer parts of Australia.

The state of Queensland last week, hit by flooding due to sustained heavy rainfall. The ’reddingsploeg’, the spin in safety by him with the branch and to move to a safer place.

Crocodile falls car

The film of the action is not the only Australian media about the floods; there are also images of a crocodile which is a auto attack.

The rain in the area will be less, but may follow a cyclone. Would the areas affected by the still heavier can get.

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