Appointment European top level under fire in Parliament

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In the European Parliament, almost all political families Monday evening sharp criticism on the appointment of Martin Selmayr secretary-general of the European Commission. European commissioner Gunther Oettinger loved standing that all the rules were respected at the controversial promotion of president Jean-Claude Juncker, but several members of parliament refused as ‘small children’ or ‘fools’ to be treated.

The flitsbenoeming of Selmayr to the highest official of the Commission is responsible for weeks for the fuss in the European institutions. Selmayr had gekandideerd for the post of assistant secretary-general. When the 47-year-old German on 21 February during a meeting of the commissioners that feature in the awards, announced Juncker prompt the resignation of secretary-general Alexander Italianer, and shoved his head of cabinet, a jerk to the highest function within the 33.000 men strong officials. Since the beginning of this month, he holds that job.

The Meps asked for clarification, but remained Monday at a reasonable price. Commissioner for human resources Oettinger expressed the Mep on the heart that the entire appointment by the book is done and that all stages of the procedure in the statute of the European public office are strictly followed.


The German conservative insured that nationality or partijbanden have played no role and that Selmayr about all of the qualities to be secretary-general. “He has a developed sense of politics and is a true European. Therefore, he has the confidence of the chairman and all the commissioners, ” said Oettinger.

It made little impression. Even German christian democrats and conservatives refused to accept the decision to defend. Especially sharp was the Dutch liberal Sophie in ‘t Veld. “I am speechless that 27 european commissioners, led by the nose to be taken by a public official’, denounced them that no-one objection made during the conscious meeting.

The Commission should, according to her, ‘choose what they find most important: the career of Selmayr or the credibiliteit of the European Union’.


On social media also launched leader Guy Verhofstadt, a warning. “If the Commission is not paying attention, she will be the fate of the Santer Commission undergo’ he said, referring to the fall of the Commission in 1999.

‘File stinks’

“You say that all the rules were followed, but the entire dossier stinks’, so, Bart Staes (Green) to Oettinger. He pointed out that the whole procedure, from the opening of the vacancy up to the appointment, in at lightning speed of three weeks is reeling.

That was not to be open and transparent and, moreover, was the game not fair, without that there are real opponents run. As a member of the begrotingscontrolecommissie going Staes the case will now proceed uitspitten. Oettinger promised to get answers to all the questions of this commission.


Tom Vandenkendelaere (CD&V) confirmed Oettinger that Selmayr, the european commissioners had not gepaaid with additional benefits, such as maintaining drivers and offices after their departure from the Berlaymont building. ‘Nepnieuws’, swept the German, that rumors of the table.

Mark Demesmaeker (N-VA) denounced the “unhealthy concentration of power” and called the whole saga as a major threat to the European project. “You see the threat to the European Union often elsewhere, in the Russia of Putin, Trump, or populism, but the real threat you have to yourself search.’

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