Apologies Liverpool icon Carragher after spuugincident

14d0143a9dfde676390c1dc90da3c0ca - Apologies Liverpool icon Carragher after spuugincident

Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher has apologized after he and a 14-year-old girl in the face was spitting. His job as an analyst on Sky Sports, hanging by a thread.

Jamie Carragher

Saturday afternoon after the Manchester United – Liverpool spat Carragher the girl from his car full in the face. He had bonje received with some football supporters. “I saw the girl not to be honest, I saw her over the head. I would like to that they are not involved in. I find it terrible that she was there.”

For his arrival at the office of Sky Sports, he offered Monday again apologized. “I will again with the family talk. I’m sorry. I offer today once again my sincere apologies.”

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