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An emotional 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy

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Keep the box of tissues nearby, because the 300e episode of Grey’s anatomy is a tranentrekker. The jubileumaflevering of the drama series is a tribute to the people whose Meredith Grey and her colleagues over the years to say farewell to.

1. George O’malley, Izzie Stevens and Cristina Yang
In the early years of Grey’s anatomy , they formed together with Meredith and Alex, the hard core. The five of us started at the same time training in the hospital and shared their joys and sorrows. George was the first to die. He came into the sixth season under a bus and died. The same year also disappeared Izzie out of the picture. After a turbulent time – it was her great love, Denny Duquette lost, then got cancer, and saw then her relationship with Alex on the cliff-walk – left Izzie Seattle to elsewhere re-started. In the tenth season went Merediths best friend Cristina. She moved to Zurich to go to work in the clinic of Preston Burke, also an old acquaintance.

2. Lexie Grey
The episode in which Merediths half-sister Lexie the life left is perhaps the memorabelste until now. At the end of the eighth season were doctors on their way to another hospital for a complex operation to perform, when their plane crashed in the woods. Lexie was so seriously injured that they are on the spot died. Just before her last breath declared Mark ‘McSteamy’ Sloan her love. Incidentally, later died, he also to the consequences of the crash. Since then called the hospital the Grey Sloan Memorial.

3. Derek ‘McDreamy’ Shepherd
The biggest sadness of Meredith is, without a doubt, the death of her beloved. Derek Shepherd was in the eleventh season, a car accident, after he himself out of the car, had stepped to the victims of another accident, to help. Derek survived. Not only Meredith was devastated with grief. Millions of fans worldwide mourned on social media to the death of McDreamy.

Grey’s anatomy, Monday – 20.30 • * * * 5

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