Air strikes in relatively calm Southern Syria

39172814a070d0248c450af9f79dfdf3 - Air strikes in relatively calm Southern Syria

AMMAN – For the first time in eight months time Syrian fighter planes to air strikes, carried out in the southern province of Deraa. The attacks were just to the east of the provincial capital of Deraa and other attacks approximately 60 km and southwest of Damascus.

Images of Deraa in times in which there firmly was fought.

The government forces controlled the northern part of the city of Deraa and a wide strip of land that connects the town with the also by the regime of president Assad controlled Syria. Deraa is, rather, a ’de-escalation zone’ declared where the warring parties are reluctant.

In February, government forces began an enclave of jihadists to the east of Damascus, Eastern Ghouta, to recapture. A spokesman of the fighters of the Free Syrian Army call, said that the air strikes in the south may be a warning to the rebels to form, with the battle for Eastern Ghouta to come and interfere.

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