Actress from ‘The Walking Dead’ is messed up with the transmitter on pay raise: “Pay her”

10f4d5d600a20882690f5cc81322bc41 - Actress from 'The Walking Dead' is messed up with the transmitter on pay raise: "Pay her"

The American actress Lauren Cohan, who, since 2011, the character Maggie Greene, played in the popular television series ‘The Walking Dead’, fighting for a loonverhoging in negotiations on a new contract for the zombiereeks. According to entertainmentmagazine Deadline walk that negotiations far without a hitch. Even fellow Khary Payton, King Ezekiel in the series, the mix is already in the debates: “Pay the woman”, posted the actor on his Instagram account.

‘The Walking Dead’ is his eighth season but seems a little past its peak. The ratings have been for a while declining. Cohan, who since the second season an important character plays in the series, fights for a raise in the negotiations on a new contract with channel AMC. According to Deadline, should negotiations completely in the doldrums sitting.

The actress signed the previous month, yet for the female lead role in the pilot episode of the ABC drama ‘Whiskey Cavalier’, which provided positive feedback as a tv series. Last week she gave to know not to be present on the fanconventie of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Walker Stalker Con in London last weekend, due to a agendawijziging. However, it adorned her name for quite some time as one of the biggest crowd pullers on the bill.

‘The Walking Dead’ is now renewed for a ninth season. Or Cohan will be in that new season is still the question.

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