Abuse underage girls by seksbendes goes by’

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Perhaps thousands of young girls over the past forty years have become the victim of ‘seksbendes’ in the English town of Telford, writes the Sunday Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror did say that a year and a half of research into the ‘sex rings’ in Telford, a town of about 170,000 inhabitants in England, which has already been discredited before, came by the phenomenon. According to the newspaper, made the gangs of hundreds, perhaps thousands of victims. Some of the girls were no older than eleven years. Some would be killed.

The last years in Great Britain all different networks shut down of men that young girls ‘groom’ them to exploit them for prostitution. In Rochdale there was a scandal in 2012, in Rutherford in 2014, and Telford got there before all the national headlines. Usually shots the police and social services only in action after warnings and complaints for many years ignored. The victims were regarded as ‘normal’ prostitutes. And because the perpetrators often of Pakistani descent, feared the police and the Pakistani community to stigmatize and himself to be accused of racism.

In Telford, between 2011 and 2013, seven men convicted because they between 2007 and 2009, young girls had been raped and abused. They were unmasked by a police-action ‘Operation Chalice’, ‘Operation Chalice’, was called.

According to the Mirror, which operation however, is only the tip of the iceberg uncovered. There would be many more men in the ‘sex rings’ are involved, and there would be many more victims than previously thought. Because debendes been active since the eighties. Some of the victims warned that the abuse still goes on.

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