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“A new F1 car, understand is a long learning process”

9a185162edab4fcbe6e7e4575a5213be - "A new F1 car, understand is a long learning process"

The F1 teams presented the past month of their new cars. Then they were also a period of eight days tested during the wintertests in Barcelona. A new F1 car, to learn to understand, however, is a long process.

The work of the teams in the preparation of the new F1 season 2018. The teams returned after the final test day on Friday, back to the factories to make the last preparations for the first race weekend of the new season within a week and a half in Australia.

Undoubtedly, the data collected during the wintertests be analysed in depth. F1 cars will be adjusted to the performance, sometimes with only a few hundredths or even thousandths to improve. Indeed, an F1 car will improve and speed will not happen tomorrow, it is a long process.

“There are a lot of changes within the team as well as in the car itself. The require the necessary time to get everything then to develop and optimize,” says Paddy Lowe, the technical director of the Williams F1 team. “I think we are in season, as well as followed season, a lot of progress books. We are at the beginning and there is a lot of potential.”

“The correlation between our own calculations and what we got during the tests have seen is good. Williams its level to improve the aerodynamic performance measurement is one of the strongest that I have ever seen. Both technology and the people who work there are very, very good. We have an excellent wind tunnel, a wind tunnel which is among the best. We have the tools and make good use of it, but there is potential for more.”

Despite the good wind tunnel, excellent staff and a good preparation of the wintertests seems the Williams F1 car is still somewhat erratic behaviour. It proves that you are a F1 car, not at the beginning at all know well, that also recognize the technical director of Williams.

“We do a lot of experiments on that plane. Currently, the car is somewhat unstable at the beginning of the taking of a bend. That is, to be honest, often the limitation of the car but it is further magnified by which we drive. There is still a lot of potential for the car to improve. If we improve that then the car is a lot faster.”

Or how an F1 car will develop a constant learning and improvement process is, and will remain, also when the F1 season is busy …

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