Veltman: ‘I had myself drawn up’

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It was the week of Joël Veltman. First found the defender not to have his name back in the pre-selection of Ronald Koeman, the new coach of the Orange. Then he lost as captain his basic at Ajax.

Ajax defender Joel Veltman comes as a substitute in the field against SC Heerenveen.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he was uitgefloten by a part of the Amsterdam public when he is in the final stage, still if raids against sc Heerenveen. “Of course, baal, I and I me a lot better feeling,”, he acknowledged.

About the flute concerto around subbing wanted to Veltman it is actually not at all. “I’m talking rather about the fans that for me clapped,” said the defender that the entire youth of his club went through. That last one is in Amsterdam, however, is not enough to be loved, so also Daley Blind yet.

‘Not agree’

Friday on the training noticed Veltman that not he but Rasmus Kristensen as brazil’s goals was to play football. “I wore no jacket,” he said. “The trainer has me told why I have not played. No, of course I don’t agree. I had myself prepared, already know also I that I can get better than the last couple of weeks.”

Veltman, as the play offensively more, as he heard of his trainer Erik ten Hag. However, that is not easy for someone who is central defender feels. “But I play well again for two years as a right back. So I have to fill,” he said. “No, the trainer did not tell me why Wöber and I do not central in the rear could start. That’s not necessary. I just need to make sure that I again come to stand. On any position.”

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