Trump does to EU

Amsterdam – While Tata Steel are willing to do everything to the consequences of U.s. import duties on steel to minimize, seems to be president Trump the opinion that Europe should not whine. He denounces again the European import tariffs.

Trump does to EU

The import duties on steel and aluminium are Europe a thorn in the eye. They take our industry very hard. That certainly applies for the Dutch company Tata Steel, in the United States, loyal customers. The company asked the past few days, to a special position, such as Trump, according to the rules may be made, but in general, Trump little compassion with Europe.

That he Saturday re-appear. “The European Union, of the beautiful countries that the US has very poor treatment in terms of trade, are complaining about import duties on steel and aluminum. If they have their terrible barriers and import taxes for American goods to drop, we will do the same. If not, then we will have cars and so the load. HONEST!”

This seems to Trump once again to emphasize a trade war is not to eschew. Moreover, the EU would be just as fearless, so shall the German research institute Ifo, and with the appropriate measures to respond. That institute gives Donald Trump was right about his criticism of the European import duties on cars: the U.S. has lower taxes than the EU. Director of Felbermayr hint that the two fighting cocks in the import tariffs down would have to throw.

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