Tim Hofman is not afraid after kaakbreuk

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Tim Hofman is not afraid become after he in August to record tracks for his internet – #ANGRY wounded during a confrontation with a Dutch landlord. The presenter continues to work in the same way, as he said Saturday at RTL.

Tim Hofman and Lize Korpershoek.

“We have thought of. In the program, you could screws, but we have a formula and I am still behind. We can always all journalism support”, said Tim, who earlier this year after months of peace, however, just had to swallow when he started to work with #ANGRY. “I had the first filming, however, even breathing again. I’ve always had something of fear may be there, but it should never be the boss. Just go.”

The rehabilitation is meanwhile just beyond. “I have such blows, that I have a crack in my cheek bone and my jaw was in two. And I have a brain injury”, summed up Tim. “I am now well recovering. And I have a kind of whiplash-like thing in my neck struck. So I have now three times a week and physio, it still takes just one year.” It is expected that Tim will eventually fully recover.

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