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“This is the boost that McLaren needed”

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According to Eric Boullier, the racedirecteur at McLaren, was the good performance of Fernando Alonso during the final test day what McLaren needed to have a good feeling and a boost to Melbourne to travel.

Alonso succeeded in the wintertests with a second time and a good feeling to close. Just what McLaren needed after the various issues that emerged during the wintertests.

“When Fernando crossed the finish line reed, he was very happy on the radio!” said Boullier, as opposed to ‘Sky Sports News’. “He is entertained. This was the boost we needed before we start to race.”

“We try to be McLaren again to where it is supposed to. Just as with so many other things these things happen not in one day time. There will be some problems popping up and we will maybe stitches dropped but we are certainly not forgotten how we fast cars to build.”

During the two wintertests experienced McLaren several problems with her new car. According to Boullier, however, that is no reason to be worried. Several issues are according to Boullier simply due to the fact that McLaren have decided to switch to Renault engines.

“We want to be competitive and we find the limits on,” said the Frenchman. “Since last year we have decided to motor to swap that for time constraints provided, and therefore, we now have several smaller problems.”

“I am, however, convinced that we will solve and if, again, we are competitive then we will get what we want,” concluded Boullier.

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