The Mole is known!

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AMSTERDAM UPDATE – Jan Versteegh is the Moles of 2018. The charismatic presenter of the last weeks are other candidates surreptitiously sabotaged. That was just published. Ruben Hein is the candidate that the mole has to know to unmask and is thus the winner of this season. The unmasking of the Mole delivers Ruben Hein €17.750 euro.

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“Mol is fan-tas-tisch”, says Versteegh, just after the denouement. “Oh, I get a text message. My mother, who will be angry,” laughs Jan, who immediately looked back on the season. “The further I went, I thought: have they now?”

Olcay Gülşen said to Jan that it was ’bad cast’ was. “Jan, the one I most trusted, yet the Mol also. I’m never going to claim that I off course did! Still good friends? Well, I’m going to sleep on it”, says Gülşen with a wink.

Taeke’s baby

Meanwhile, Taeke Taekema, behind-the-scenes before the ending, about his newborn WIDM-baby in front of this newspaper. “It is unbelievable. You look there for two and a half day to. You’re thinking: how can that from your belly? It really is the most beautiful.”

The program is reforming and has held a large group of viewers glued to the tube. Jan has during the past few weeks quite a killed. So he called in Kiev just prior to the passage of time with Art, even money from the pot to pick up.


Presenter Art Rooijakkers called Versteegh, ’the most fanatical Mol-candidate in years.” “I can’t stand m’n loss”, Versteegh. “But I was sure that was lost. I thought, ” you should just do it as if you are a candidate. Fanatic, as always. But, occasionally, ensure that there is a mysterious way, something goes wrong.”

Fans of the programme expressed their admiration for the performances of The Mole on twitter. “Kanonne!! What a good mole was Jan Versteegh,” says Marieke. “What?? Jan de mol? Can’t be!”, twitters Arno Lucas. “Top! Congratulations also to Ruben!”, according to Olaf.

Reporter Patricia Cortie gives updates from the Vondelpark, where hundreds of molloten have collected:

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