The left frowns the eyebrows to the new name, FN

8622632a98038fb13c2c6463aed4afa1 - The left frowns the eyebrows to the new name, FN

PARIS – The left wing in France, immediately the eyebrows gefronst upon hearing of the proposal of the National Front to baptize in Rassemblement National. The new name seems suspiciously like a French party in the Second world War against the German nazis schurkte. The symbol of the ancient Rassemblement National Populaire, founded in 1941 and lost in 1944, was a variation on a swastika.

Marine Le Pen

“To know the responsible people within the FN, the French history is not? Or they play with it?”, asked Alexis Corbière on Twitter. The representative of the left-populist party La France Insoumise called in a reminder that Marcel Déat, founder of the RPN, forever as the collaborator.

“A conscious reference? Who knows,” sneered Corbière. He added that Roland Gaucher, who, with Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1972 was the National Front, during the war all around them in the RPN.

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