Televisiekok Paper Ros Asmundsdottir molested

Televisiekok Paper Ros Asmundsdottir molested

Since 2007 attends the Icelandic Paper Ros Asmundsdottir in our country. After an Erasmus exchange, she continued to live here. Now we see it like to work at Njam, but in those early days had Paper Ros it difficult to find work, she told Radio 1.

After a job interview, she got an older man with a high office to hear that he again wanted to meet. Paper Ros Asmundsdottir thought the second interview went, but the man had other plans. He pushed her to the car and tried to kiss her. But the IJslande fury in Paper Ros drove up and pushed him away.

Still scares Paper Ros Asmundsdottir often what happens in Belgium is like. When she was in those early years in Brussels and stayed, she was really scared. Men pursued her with their car, she was called whore, and most of all, nobody responded. Apparently everyone found that as normal behavior.

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