Syrian army has Douma entirely surrounded.

d70d67b8dda5246a0e4e774264da2002 - Syrian army has Douma entirely surrounded.

BEIRUT – The Syrian army has Sunday the city of Douma completely surrounded. Reports that a military news agency Hezbollah, which is allied with the Syrian government.

The streets of Douma.

Saturday had the Syrian army already Douma and Harasta, two of the largest cities of Eastern Ghouta, cut off from the rest of the rebellenenclave. The Syrian Observatory for human Rights said that military areas have been entered between the two cities and the rest of the enclave.

The rebellenenclave was therefore divided into three parts, which are cut off: Douma in the north, Harasta in the southwest and as a third area, the southern part of East Ghouta.

Eastern Ghouta near the Syrian capital, Damascus, is one of the last areas in the hands of the rebels. The past few weeks was the region with the heaviest attacks by the Syrian army since the beginning of the civil war seven years ago.

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