Still of 11,000 missing in Mosul

d75b4575a967e90a6382691586a6a9f0 - Still of 11,000 missing in Mosul

BAGHDAD – Months after the re-conquest of the Iraqi city of Mosul on the terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) are still 11,000 inhabitants of the town missing. Many of them were young people who are arrested and detained. That says legeroverste Bassem Ali al-Hadschar.

The ruined town of Mosul.

“The Iraqi government and security forces have in recent time underground shelters, tunnels and other places where it IS lived in search. Nevertheless, the fate of thousands of people are still uncertain,” says the soldier.

IS was last summer, after months of bloody battle with the Iraqi army, driven out of Mosul. Iraq was from the air, supported by an international coalition under the leadership of the United States. In this battle fell thousands of deaths. Afterwards is IS in almost the whole of Iraq and Syria expelled, and the organization has hardly any influence.

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