Spectacular images: Argentine glacier breaks

f797b9afbf6f145c2612a6908abf8b1d - Spectacular images: Argentine glacier breaks

A ijsboog of the gigantic Argentinian glacier Perito Moreno in Patagonia, Saturday, begin to break down. The natural phenomenon attracts thousands of tourists.

The water began Saturday around 8.40 am (12.40 pm (Belgian time) to seep in the glacier, says the national park Los Glaciares in Patagonia. The water erodes the glacier and as the ijsboog or bridge melted, the whole thing is over.

The moment of the break ‘is always spectacular’. ‘This time there is more water piled up than the previous three or four fractures, ” said Luciano Bernacchi, director of the Glaciarium, a museum close to the national park, on the transmitter TN.

According to the expert it is a natural phenomenon for this type of glacier. The glacier reserves in other words its average size, in contrast to other shrinking.

The collapse of the glacier Perito Moreno, a Unesco world heritage site, lures usually attract thousands of tourists, even though it happens in march, the end of the southern summer and the beginning of autumn.

The phenomenon occurs every two to four years since 2004. The sixteen years before that it was not done. The last time was in 2016.

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