Scholarship named after Guillermo del Toro

e65d694c4d30901f69b79ec49da43bb8 - Scholarship named after Guillermo del Toro

The organization of the film festival of Guadalajara has a scholarship for aspiring Mexican filmmakers named after the Mexican director Guillermo del Toro, who last week prices fell at the Oscar ceremony with his film, A Shape of Water.

Guillermo del Toro gave this weekend a master class at the film festival in his hometown. He also opened in Guadalajara, a new movie theater that bears his name. The scholarship is in the amount of $ 60,000 or more, in which a young Mexican filmmaker the chance to make a prestigious film making to follow abroad.

“If we change a life, change a generation,” said Del Toro, whose genre of fantasy drama a new generation of filmmakers in Mexico has inspired. Del Toro will be the jury chairman of the scholarship each year at the film festival awards. Del Toro announced, according to The Hollywood Reporter that his exhibition At Home With the Monsters next year to see will be in museums in Mexico City and Guadalajara. The exhibition consists of 500 paintings, drawings and objects, of Del Toro’s monsters.

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