Russia to test new hypersonic missile

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Russia says it successfully a hypersonic missile has been tested. The Kinzjal belongs to the new type of nuclear weapons, which president Vladimir Putin has announced.

Of the south of Russia, the rocket was launched by a Mig-31-fighter jet . The target on a practice range was affected, what it sounds like.

The Kinzjal should serve for the destruction of targets on the ground and water. According to the state news agency TASS, the hypersonic missile has no equal in the world.

According to the American expert Michael Kofman is a upgrade of the Iskander missiles. The Kinzjal is, however, not from the ground but from the air, fired. The scope would be 2,000 kilometres amounts.

According to Moscow will fly the projectile to ten times faster than the speed of sound and is therefore hardly to being intercepted. In his speech on 1 but described the Russian president Vladimir Putin the rocket as a ‘perfect weapon’.

The presentation of the new rockets will fit not only in a nationalist discourse , but also in the new nuclear bid between Moscow and Washington.

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