Putin wanted the 2014 plane shoot down

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MOSCOW – Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered in 2014 the shooting down of a hijacked Turkish airliner that may be used would be to at the opening of the winter Olympics in Sochi an attack to commit.

Russian president Vladimir Putin.

This disclosure is featured in a documentary with the title ” Putin that Sunday through Russian social media is spread. The president says that he veiligheidsofficials of the winter Olympics was warned shortly before the opening ceremony started.

“I was told that a hijacker of a plane with a bomb on board wanted to land at the airport of Sochi. Following the advice asking I was told that it is in this kind of situations is common for the plane in the air shot,” said Putin in the film.

Putin did that decision ultimately not to take it because later it turned out that the hijacker, a drunk passenger was, and there was a false alarm. It was a unit of the Turkish company Pegasus Airlines with 110 passengers on board was on its way from Ukraine to Turkey.

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