Putin: it interests me really nothing at all

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Moscow – Russian president Vladimir Putin in an interview with an American journalist said that he does not matter whether Russian citizens have mixed in the Us elections of 2016. “They don’t have any connection with the Kremlin.”

Vladimir Putin during the interview with Megyn Kelly.

Putin denies in the interview with Megyn Kelly (NBC) that he orders distributed about the interference of the elections. “Why have you decided that Russian authorities, including myself, people have managed to do that?” asks Putin to Megyn.

Last week, it became clear that special prosecutor Robert Mueller thirteen Russians and three Russian organizations have been sued because of their alleged interference in the U.s. elections. “Suppose the Russians. What does that make a difference? There are a total of 164 million Russian citizens. I don’t care. It interests me really not a ball.” Says Putin about the allegation of Robert Mueller.

Putin suggests then that the Jews, or other ethnic groups have had influence on the elections. “Maybe they are not even Russians. Perhaps they are Jews or Ukrainians with a Russian passport.” According to Putin, there should be examined whether it is people with dual nationality. “Maybe Americans have them well paid to do the dirty work for them to refurbish.”

Donald Trump

A spokesman for the Kremlin called Muellers indictment earlier “absurd.” Trump recognizes the existence of Russian influence, but stresses that, once again, proved that there was no collaboration between his campaign team and Russia.

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