Profit is a side issue for Fiorentina

55bd1a43492812923268dbeba8a4c3bc - Profit is a side issue for Fiorentina

Fiorentina has an emotional duel in their own stadium hekkensluiter Benevento defeated: 1-0.

The duel was in the character of Davide every unit.

The victory was for the Florins, however, of secondary importance in a competition that is dominated by Davide every unit. The 31-year-old captain of Fiorentina died last week in his sleep.

The selection of Fiorentina wore during the warm-up a special shirt with every unit and are number 13. On the wedstrijdvaantje of Benevento was ‘Ciao Davide 13’.

The players arrived hand-in-hand onto the field with a huge banner bearing the words ‘eternal leader’. During the broadcasting of the exhibits said the stadionspeaker: ’13, our eternal leader, Davide every unit’.

After a minute of silence before kick-off, in which balloons in the air went, the match was in the thirteenth minute shut down and then a deafening applause sounded. Twelve minutes later it was the Brazilian defender Vitor Hugo a corner. In a large circle of players was the goal celebrated, but especially every unit is being commemorated.

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