PHOTOS – Impressive tribute to every unit

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Fiorentina has for and during the duel with Benevento, the last homage to Davide every unit.

Fiorentina fans honor their suddenly deceased captain.

A tribute to Davide every unit.

The captain of the Italian team died in the night of 3 on 4 march at the age of 31. He was last Thursday, buried in Florence. Around the competitieduel of Sunday were balloons released, while on all the billboards with the text “Ciao Davide’.

The players of Fiorentina did the warm up in shirts with number 13.

In the thirteenth minute (every unit had number 13), the game was shut down. Then proven the attendees through a loud applause last respects to every unit. The number 13 will never by a player of Fiorentina are worn, as was already previously known.

Players of Fiorentina to keep a banner fixed in memory of Davide every unit.


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