Peutermoordenaar want a new face before he is released

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London – The man who at the age of 10, the 2-year-old British toddler James Bulger, murdered and after his release in 2001, later was caught with child pornography, wants a new face before he got out of feet. He demands that the taxpayers pay the bill for the costs of the plastic surgeon.

The 10-year-old Jon Venables in 1993 held for murder of 2-year-old toddler James Bulger.

Jon Venables is terrified that if he got out of feet, he by ’vigilantes’ to the life will be charged. “He says that he is terrified that if the people behind his true identity, he is murdered.” Says a senior prison source at the Mail Online. According to the source, many people Venables to bring life, although it would mean that they lifelong the cell in need.


Jon Venables came in 2001, even free, but had in 2010, back to prison for possession and distribution of child pornography.

Venables committed the gruwelmoord in 1993, along with his peer Robert Thompson. They beat the toddler to death with stones and iron bars. Their crime shocked the British population.

New identity

When the two boys on their 18th were released, they were given a new identity to them against possible widespread anger to protect. When Venables again in 2010, was arrested, proved that he was sloppy with it to was gone. Further, it became clear that he had drink and drug problems.

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