Paula Shemer: “they have us from one another”

6dba89a65aceba3fd475d82808a0dcf9 - Paula Shemer: "they have us from one another"

Paula Shemer looks in the Morning back on her time at the VRT. “One day I was omroepster – I went to the mess for a bit to eat. One of the bosses of the RTBF was also there, in a drunken stupor. While I was sliding, he dipped his fingers in the mayonnaise, and he grabbed with both hands my breasts. I have asked him of me afgeduwd and give him a few days later, the account of the dry cleaning sent. Another time I was with a number of women at the meetings: we had a programme about breast cancer preparing. Suddenly there came a male colleague. Ladderzat. He looked at us and cried out, ” How about here, with all those lesbians?’ When I asked him the door be, he is me body gone. They have us apart.”

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