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OVERVIEW. So see Play-off 1 Play off 2 out

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The cards are shuffled in the Jupiler Pro League on the last match day of the regular season were the last two Play-off 1 tickets handed out to Racing Genk and Standard. For KV Mechelen is unfortunately the cloth. But how does that Play-off 1 there is now concrete? And who plays in which group of Play-off 2? Find out here!

Play-off 1 (teams with a + after their score a half point extra):

The first six teams after the regular league play Play-off 1 with the half of the points. Four of the tickets were already for today distributed to Club Brugge, Anderlecht, Charleroi and AA Gent. Came in today, Racing Genk and Standard. The Rouches had it for a long time is difficult for KV Oostende, but won eventually with 2-3. For KV Kortrijk and royal Antwerp out of the top six. The calendar of the Play-offs will take place on Monday 12 march will be announced.

1. Club Brugge – 34 points +

2. Anderlecht – 28 points +

3. Charleroi – 26 points +

4. AA Gent – 25 points

5. Racing Genk – 22 points

6. Standard – 22 points

The champion puts himself directly for the group stage of the Champions League. The number 2 place for the third (and final) qualifying round of the Champions League.

The cup winner (Zulte Waregem or KV Oostende) puts himself directly for the group stage of the Europa League. (*)

The number 3 (or number 4 as the cup winner at the first 3) the place for the third qualifying round of the Europa League.

The number 4 (or number 5 if the cup winner at the first 4) playing a jump-off against the winner of Play-off 2 for a ticket for the third qualifying round of the Europa League.

This: if the first and second finish in the standings with the same number of points, then we will first consider whether one of both teams a half point was given by the puntenafronding after the regular competition. Then give the games won, the deciding factor, followed by goal difference, and goals.

Play-off 2:

Play-off 2A:

KV Kortrijk

Zulte Waregem





Play-off 2B:



KV Oostende



Beerschot Wilrijk

The teams not in the top 6 could end up play Play-Off 2. There are the number 7 to 15, first-class divided into two groups, supplemented with the three best teams from the final ranking of 1B. All teams start with 0 points and in the end the winner of group A and group B in one mutual duel of who is the winner of Play-Off 2 crown, provided that a European license. That then plays in turn against the fourth out of Play-Off 1 for a European ticket, and an ultimate chance at European football.


KV Mechelen degrades after a thriller. The won, however, with 2-0, but Eupen did just a little better and sent Mouscron with 4-0 at home. The place of KV Mechelen in the season 2018-2019 taken by Cercle Brugge, Saturday, won of Beerschot-Wilrijk.

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