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Nun dies in court in case against Katy Perry

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During a lawsuit between Katy Perry and a group of nuns, died one of the sisters. The nuns were all in one off battle with Perry because the American singer their former monastery bought.

“Rest with the angels, our most precious treasure.’ That message is to read on standwiththesisters.org, the website of the group of nuns. There is a picture of Catherine Rose. The sister died Friday at the age of 89 for the court. ‘Catherine has the Church years served, full of devotion and full of love, ” said archbishop Jose Gomez.

Catherine Rose was one of the nuns who was involved in the lawsuit against the sale of their former monastery in Los Feliz (LA) to Katy Perry. It is a stately and prestigious building, with several acres of land. In 2015, the bid of Perry accepted, in which the singer, the sale would deal with the archdiocese of Los Angeles.

But that was outside of two persistent nuns counted. Catherine Rose and Rita Callanan filed a complaint because they the singer is no suitable buyer found. They claimed that they control over the sale, the more because they, at that time still lived, and wanted the monastery rather have someone else lose. To restaurateur Dana Hollister, for example.

“Hold on, Katy Perry

The situation escalated when the ladies get yourself a deal connected with Hollister and the rich business woman, then moved to the property. The judge ruled that the sale was illegal and condemned Hollister, moreover, to interfere in the case and the defeat of Perry’s plans. With heavy damages as a result.

I stayed with the sisters all the time their fight. “We have Dana Hollister asked myself to help us,” she said to Catherine just a few hours before her death. “She has not self-imposed. And to Katy Perry: hold please. No one has this benefit, there are only people get hurt.’

It is not yet clear what the consequences of the sudden death of the sister for the matter.

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