Non (89) Katy Perry from the monastery wanted to keep, dies in court

LOS ANGELES – An 89-year-old nun who is in a lingering lawsuit with pop star Katy Perry was involved, during the session, got unwell and died. That report American media.

Catherine Rose Holzman wanted the sale of a former convent to Perry to avoid. According to the non is the sexy American star for everything that they do not believe.’

Katy Perry would be almost $ 15 million in the monastery buy of the diocese of Los Angeles, including a large estate. When the two former residents of the building, under whom so sister Catherine, got wind of the plan, they came into action and sold the property to local catering entrepreneur. Perry undertook still attempts to get the sisters of thoughts do change. So sang she Oh Happy Day.

A judge turned the sale of the nuns back. When the case Friday again before the judge came, turned Catherine to Perry. ,,Katy Perry, please stop this fight. This is no good for anyone and does nothing but pain.” A few hours later she passed away.

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