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No museum is ready for promotion

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Seven Flemish museums were a candidate for a rangverhoging to ‘large setting’. Three were nominated for that status, but none have got it.

At the art institutes, there are now seven ‘major institutions’. It is going to be beacons in the world of art, such as The Singel, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, and the Ancienne Belgique. It was supposed to be a similar exercise to do in the museum and erfgoedwereld.

Currently, there are the museums two of those large institutions. That are the Muhka and the Museum of Fine Arts of Antwerp. There were seven candidates to make it to that club to join. Settings such rangverhoging, walk more first. They receive additional tasks, but there is also a wider financial anchor in front of it.

Of those seven candidates were given five have a positive opinion of the selection committee. Because there are a few ones were aboard, carried the administration’s three for the status of a major institution: Museums of Bruges, Museum M Leuven and the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent.

Eventually, has no museum of the promotion. Coincidence or not, it’s three museums with a SP.A city council. According to our information, weighed within the Flemish government, the recent commotion in the MSK heavily on the assertions. The discussion turned out that in the current climate, prefer to put on the brakes went.

“There is indeed a political decision,” says minister of Culture Sven Gatz (Open VLD). “There were three recognitions. It remains a salomonsoordeel, it could go one of two ways. The decision is ten days ago. That is, before the decision to MSK-director Catherine de Zegher to suspend temporarily.’


Gatz says that the museums in a process of growth sitting. “There is a good dynamism to the museums. But they are still not the same level as their colleagues at the institutions. On most of the criteria involved in the assessment, there are still real issues to set an example to fully. For example, there are still investments needed in terms of collection policy, infrastructure, digitisation and education.’

From the reports of the beoordelingscommissies the museums, however, quite for the day. Museums of bruges has an exceptional collection and the scope is in proportion. M Museum has a limited collection, but surpasses that shortage with its dynamic operation. The report of the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent is written before the commotion and is positive: it has a collection of international level, which is the proper way manages, and presents.

Also the Gallo-Roman Museum (Tongeren), Muzee (Ostend) and the In Flanders Fields Museum (Ieper) to score well. Only the Smak (Ghent) off the show. ‘The museum holds a very important collection of contemporary art, “says the commission,” but the museum operation is not in proportion to the value and international importance.’ The depotsituatie is insufficient.

The question is whether the museums by their lagging behind the other disciplines, there is not the dupe of his that they in some respects are not yet fully excel. Oce, the umbrella organisation for museums, archives and heritage, has repeatedly campaigned for more resources for the sector. In the previous funding round was the then minister Joke Schauvliege (CD&V) catch-up not realize.

The museums there are no large institutions, but I also don’t want hard-hearted’, says minister Gatz. ‘At the next funding round, I want more money at the disposal of the museums, so that they have a catch-up and further growth be achieved. So they can be more professional and on a higher level. Next time, they can then perhaps make the jump to the big setting. I think it would be feasible to have five million extra for the museums to attract.’

For the next funding round to have the museums in the meantime their records submitted. Concerning the operating budget for the period 2019-2023. The settlement thereof is done this fall.

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