Nick Gordon arrested for domestic violence

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Nick Gordon is in Florida arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. He would his girlfriend Laura Leal mistreated after they picked him up from the pub.

Mugshot Nick Gordon

According to TMZ punched Nick with her in the car against her right cheek, and he pulled on her hair. The police found Laura, then with a bloody, swollen lip. Gordon claims that they are house not wanted to leave and that they then a bottle in his direction threw off and his shirt kapotscheurde. The 26-year-old Laura refused to press charges against the former son-in-law of Whitney Houston. Nick must be on 6 april for the judge to justify.

It is not the first time that he is arrested for domestic violence. This happened also already in June 2017, but Laura wanted to be at a given moment not to cooperate with the police and the indictment was dismissed. He was also associated with the death of Bobbi Kristina, the daughter of Houston and his former girlfriend, but any involvement is up to now not proven yet.

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