Mourinho after victory at Liverpool especially happy to defend second place

58e85ce224d3257e605f47cf0a0aa227 - Mourinho after victory at Liverpool especially happy to defend second place

José Mourinho seems resigned to have Manchester United the title from the head. The Portuguese manager was the Saturday after the 2-1 victory at Liverpool especially happy that his team the second place in the state successfully defended.

“The best thing we could do was this race win. We go to the second place to defend, that is our goal,” said the 55-year-old trainer. “No one can after this match, disappointed about the displayed emotion, the quality, the level and intensity.”

The battle for second place in the Premier League is fighting the team of Mourinho is still involved on three fronts. “Matches in the league, Champions League and FA Cup are independent of each other, but the human brain is a complex thing. A defeat brings a lot of damage, a victory makes for strength,” said Mourinho.

The Portuguese manager saw his team the match at Old Trafford for the rest already seemed to decide, but in the second half slightly got into trouble. “We played pretty aggressive in the first half. We wanted to control the match and errors of the opponent to punish.”

Position at top of Premier League

  • 1. Manchester City 29-78
  • 2. Manchester United 30-65
  • 3. Liverpool 30-60
  • 4. Tottenham Hotspur 29-58
  • 5. Chelsea 30-56
  • 6. Arsenal 29-45

Specimens seem more aggressive compared

“In the second half we played some specimens seem more aggressive compared. That was not the intention, but Liverpool pushed us back. That is not a fool, because they have a fantastic team,” said Mourinho full of praise about the opponent. “The Gea was, however, no large rescues to perform. We checked also without the ball have, therefore, earned us the three points.”

United enter Wednesday in the return of the eighth finals of the Champions League against Sevilla. The first match in Spain finished 0-0.


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