Mother’s day from now on: ’You-day’; because genderneutraal

97530ee4344424cb980a597b446319ed - Mother's day from now on: ’You-day’; because genderneutraal

London – The British supermarket chain Waitrose abolish Mother’s day. Mother’s day makes way for gender neutral ’You-day’.

That, reports the Sun. The traditional moederdagkaarten according to the supermarket chain still available, but in an attempt to transgender mothers to involve, are the shelves from this year also be filled with other cards.

The choice of Waitrose is based on earlier reactions of transgender activists. Twitter users respond angrily to the choice of the chain. “Mother’s day is for MOTHERS,” said someone. “Women, children, men don’t” says another. People call it a marketing stunt. According to them, does Waitrose simply an attempt to get as many cards as possible to sell on a holiday, which actually only meant to honor mothers.

In addition to the ” you-day-cards’ by jason carver cards also attention is given to single fathers and families with two mothers.


Some British schools are so ready with the term Mother’s day that they will ’one day for special people’.

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