Marine Le Pen wants FN omdopen to Rassemblement national

6f371a0363bc336ac42f06152f0eac6a - Marine Le Pen wants FN omdopen to Rassemblement national

If it is Marine Le Pen, depends, is her party Front National was renamed to ‘Rassemblement national. Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the party, is the erevoorzitterschap decreased.

This weekend, the party members of the National Front met to vote on a new board and an amendment of the articles of association. But above all, the new name of the party was on everyone’s lips.

President Marine Le Pen prefers itself Rassemblement national. The members of the party are now allowed to give their opinion in writing on the proposal. Until at the earliest six weeks the results are known.

The name change should be the final chapter of the image campaign, which Le Pen, since they in 2011 partijleidster was and the baton took over from her father. There remains under the French an obstinate resistance exist against the National Front and some of her ideas. With a new name for the party wants Marine Le Pen now to turn the tide.

The 49-year-old Le Pen was earlier in the day with unanimity of the votes cast re-elected as president of the party. She was the only candidate. There were 2,87% blank or invalid votes.

Yet at the congress was the erevoorzitterschap taken from Jean-Marie Le Pen (89), the father of Marine. This is his last formal connection with the FN cut. Jean-Marie Le Pen founded the party in October 1972.

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