Marine Le Pen re-elected as party leader

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LILLE – Marine Le Pen is, as expected, was re-elected as party leader of the French right-populist Front National. They got 100 percent of the valid votes. The result was Sunday on the second day of the congress in Lille published. Le Pen was the only candidate.

Marine le Pen

The 49-year-old begins a third term as leader of the party. In 2011 she followed her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Later Sunday makes Marine Le Pen is known what new name they on the party wants to give. They expected that the party with a different name previously, it will be seen as a potential ruling party. The party leader lost last year’s presidential election of Emmanuel Macron.

By the National Front, a new name and the partijkoers to adapt hope Marine Le Pen and her party to a more moderate respect, even though she is a declared opponent of immigration and a nationalist agenda. Her father, co-founder of the party, has multiple convictions to his name for discriminatory and anti-semitic comments. His membership of the party is now withdrawn.

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