Madness-singer reveals that he has a sister

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Frontman Suggs of British ska band Madness appears to be an older sister that adoptive parents grew up without that he knew this. They visited a number of concerts of Madness before she is her biological mother through Facebook had tracked down, reports the Mirror.

Singer Graham McPherson, or Suggs, had no idea that his mother Edith Bower for his birth to a daughter in the world had put that they had to adopt. That he discovered in 2012, when this daughter, who wanted to remain anonymous, via Facebook, a friend request sent to her biological mother. Suggs (57): “It was a great surprise to discover that they each had found. It was a wonderful experience.”

Suggs talks about the discovery during a solo tour A Life in the Realm of Madness, which he by Great Britain tour. He says that he is proud to his mother a letter wanted to show stating that the band was invited to Buckingham Palace for a concert around the diamond jubilee of queen Elizabeth. Suggs: “She put the letter aside, opened her laptop and said, ‘take a Look’. She had a friend request from someone they did not know which was ” I think you’re my mother’.” Suggs was unaware of until that moment, not that he has a sister.

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