Ghost Rockers launch new project

Ghost Rockers launch new project

Ghost Rockers Tinne Oltmans, Marie Verhulst, Juan Gerlo, Elindo Avastia and Wout Verstappen had Friday a clear message on social media. Saturday morning they would be on their official Youtube channel to extract a new project.

The television series by Studio 100 in the us broadcast on Ketnet came to an end with the fourth season but the Ghost Rockers promised for a while that the end of the series not the end of the Ghost Rockers would mean. Saturday morning, took them out with new adventures on Ghost Rockers Youtube channel.

In the first episode of Ghost Rockers “Off Stage” take Marie Verhulst (Charlie) and Wout Verstappen (Alex) us to the Facilities where they us the best familieattracties know. What did the Ghost Rockers have more in store for us?

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