Former winner Alexander Rybak back to ESF

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After nine years and returns Alexander Rybak is back on the Eurovision song contest. The 2009 winner wrote Saturday, the Melodi Grand Prix in 2018, the national song contest from Norway, his name.

Rybak knew with his number That’s How You Write A Song with the most votes to win. He will now be in the second semi-final of the song contest, together with Waylon, to qualify for the grand final on 12 may.

With the catchy number Fairytaile won with Rybak in 2009, the glorious, the song contest that was held in Moscow. The Dutch contribution was in the hands of The best.

Johnny Logan

It is not unique that a former winner to re-enter the song contest. The most famous example is perhaps Johnny Logan, who after his win in 1980 with What’s Another Year, in 1987, again won for Ireland. Did he with Hold Me Now. Later did the German winner Lena of 2010 and a year later a second time. She was tenth.

Except the Norwegians voted for the Sweden Saturday their songfestivalinzending. They go to Lisbon with Benjamin Ingrosso.

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