Final Who is the Mole? draws 3.2 million viewers

124417e1f01a583d130cb23e80a70363 - Final Who is the Mole? draws 3.2 million viewers

AMSTERDAM – To the live televised finale of Wie is de Mol? have Saturday night more than 3.2 million people watched. Of the three finalists revealed Jan Versteegh, the mole. Ruben Hein won the program because he, Versteegh had managed to expose.

Jan Versteegh of tv shows Wie Is De Mol? 2018 leave after the final show to fans in VondelCS in the Vondelpark.

Ruben Hein got in this eighteenth edition of the money that the candidates have been spared during the game: 17.750 euro. The other finalist, Olcay Gülşen, remained empty-handed. Participants were this year: Simone Restoration, Stine Jensen, Loes Haverkort, Ron Boszhard, Emilio Guzman, Bella Hay, and Jean-Marc van Tol.

The finale was broadcast from Amsterdam’s vondel park, where countless fans of the AVROTROS-game show (‘molloten’) together had come. Last year saw almost three million people the former mole Thomas Cammaert is announced. Also in 2016 drew the final 3 million viewers. The year before that, 3.3 million.

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