Edwin de Vries together with son in play

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Actor and resistance fighter Rob de Vries (1918-1969) revives in the play, the Westerbork Serenade. Both his son, Edwin (1950) as his grandson Sam (1993) gives the actor and war hero stature. Central is the true story of how the Jewish Rob the girl whom he was in love with (played by Michiel Rodenburg) from camp Westerbork managed to smuggle in.

Westerbork Serenade, written by Edwin de Vries, was already in a closed circle, but on the 31st of march begins in Laren, a real tour (directed by Mette Bouhuijs) about the perilous chivalry of his father, Rob, who meet much more resistance activities you participated in.

He climbed up as a Jewish boy as hulprangeerder on a posttrein and drove as Westerbork in to the girl also to take. Later she went back. She was blackmailed, as a member of the cabaretgezelschap of the camp: as they are not back, went for the whole group on transport,” says Edwin.


They saw each other after that one time. Much later I took her to New York to meet: she was huge because I was so on my father’s corpse. It was very emotional.” In that meeting was the germ for the Westerbork Serenade.

Rob told Edwin, however, exciting and funny stories about the war, but never what that really with him had done. ,,I’ll tell you later, ” he said. Of my mother, I knew that he nightmares had. He was also unreasonably angry at Germans. As he once rightly was held on the Autobahn, he began to scold the motoragenten off went.”


Edwin de Vries plays his father, who after his death look back, his son Sam and his grandfather at the time of the war. He now has exactly the age of my father. Sam is not a trained actor, but has talent. His passion is virtual reality, where he has a business in. Or maybe he really ever the actor is, is still unclear.”

Rob de Vries had Edwin would prefer a lawyer. ,,I was a good gymnasiast, he had three years of high SCHOOL, he projected his ambitions onto his kids.” Edwin didn’t listen, was actor and eventually had his father there peace of mind. ,,I then got the ten commandments for actors of him. The most important commandment is: post only your own role. Is not successful.”

Rob and Edwin also played once together, in the film Kwikkie and the last passenger (1961). Would be happy to have Edwin as an adult actor with his father played, but the popular drama, and ex-resistance fighter was only 51 years old.

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