Damso after take world cup song: just what I needed

Amsterdam – The Belgian rapper Damso, that a storm of criticism seemed to survive but in the nick of time yet no official world cup song might write, for the first time has responded to all the commotion.

Damso after take world cup song: just what I needed

The artist responds laconically and ironically: “Ladies and gentlemen, mannenhaters and feminists, I forgive you and thank you for this confusion about me. This promo is exactly what I needed for my album this year on July 15 is launched.”

When it became known that the popular Damso the Belgian world cup song might write, broke a storm of criticism los. Activists pointed out to lyrics like “I s**k their mother with vix’. And: “women, beware if you with my fucked up rattle, I’m dangerous, and I may have you cut the throat’.

While sponsors like Coca-Cola, the football association and requested to break away from Damso, and also the responsible secretary of state, something had said, continued the bond, initially, foot to hold. A spokesman praised the ‘unifying elements’ of Damso’s texts.

In the statement two days later, when it was decided, nevertheless, with Damso to stop, it was emphasized that the values of equality and respect, high in the saddle.

“I don’t know what to say”, responds Damso now. “This is incredibly sympathetic. I kiss you on the place where it is desired. You are welcome Damso.”

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