Cocu is punishing PSV’ers: ‘This was outrageous’

0b6916364d7f02857194ed5a7a4eb871 - Cocu is punishing PSV'ers: 'This was outrageous'

The players of PSV can their free Sunday to forget. Trainer Phillip Cocu leave them after the embarrassment against Willem II (5-0 defeat) to the club.

Phillip Cocu

“It seems clear to me that I have to say”, grumbled Cocu. “And I hope that they, too, have something to say. This was outrageous. I have actually no words for.”


Cocu saw his players duel on duel losses against an eager Willem II. “They fought for every metre and we didn’t” saw Cocu. “We should really be ashamed. Also for the fans who went to us to see it. It really seemed like nowhere. We have sometimes lost, but never in such a way. We’ll be playing, not always great but always fight with you. Maybe it’s because of the big lead, or we have a lot of positive reviews. I really don’t know.”

“But so you see”, continued Cocu. “We may still not have a championship to talk. We have really broken ashamed.”

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