Chinese people’s congress votes for unlimited term of office for president Xi

c378d72e44654dd8df1b4fb3844edc05 - Chinese people's congress votes for unlimited term of office for president Xi

The Chinese people’s congress has Sunday for president Xi Jinping will pave the way to the end of his life to continue.

At its annual meeting approved the parliament which is not democratically elected, as expected, a series of controversial but far-reaching amendments to the constitution, the first since fourteen years of age, good. There were 2.958 votes for the repeal, two against and three abstentions. There was a two-thirds majority required.

So, the limitation of the presidential office to two terms of office of five years, abolished. Xi (64) up to his death, head of state instead of ministry in 2023.

The limitation of the presidential office was in 1982, in the constitution introduced by the then strong man, Deng Xiaoping. Who wanted a return to a dictatorial regime such as that of Mao Zedong to avoid.

Criticism in conflict with the constitution

The amendment to the constitution also introduces the ideas of Xi Jinping for a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics ” in the constitution. Criticism of the president cannot, therefore, in conflict with the constitution.

In the first article of the Chinese constitution is now the ‘leading role’ of the Communist Party laid down. That could lead to an increase of the repression against opponents of the regime. Opponents can be accused of the constitution have been violated because they are simply the grip on power of the Communist Party have been sued.

Another important amendment to the constitution, the creation of a powerful institution that corruption must be fight and that far-reaching responsibilities, the National privacy commission. In addition to the Justice and independence of the Supreme court or the public prosecutor-general, that everyone in the visor to take a public position – to with a teacher in a village school – exercises.

Critics view this as a new tool for political persecution, and the strengthening of the leading role of the party.

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