CELEBRITIES call attention to Alzheimer’s

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A large group of CELEBRITIES which makes Sunday the charity performance All Mixed Up, the Challenge in Studio 21 on behalf of Alzheimer Nederland. Among others, Karin Bloemen, Jörgen Developing and Tineke Schouten of the party.

During the comedyconcert share comedians take the stage with singers. The evening is a mix of skits and songs, but how that exactly will look like is not yet known. The audience determines partly how the show is going to be. They days the artists on the stage from getting out of their comfort zone.

The challenges symbolize the confusion where people with a form of dementia in everyday life, says producer Sipke Jan Bousema. “From there, I have seen my father for a year, the alzheimertraject has gone through. To Alzheimer’s easier discussion, I thought to myself, together with the Event of Alzheimer’s disease this theaterconcept in which (the) cheerful confusion.”

The charity work also Najib Amhali, Jan Dulles, Tino, Martin and Edsilia Rombley. Further, also Gordon, Berget Lewis, Javier Guzman, and Cesar Zuiderwijk on stage.

The proceeds are earmarked for research in the medical center Alzheimercentrum.

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