Bauer wants to continue to surprise

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Frans Bauer is with his music once again returned to the real music, but what his tv work, he wants the people to long remain a surprise. That is going to he do in his new program Frans Bauer in America, promises the singer.

“I want to be surprising and I want to stay that way,” says French. “That you go will also be able to see and experience with French in America. It is the most beautiful program I have ever made.”

In French Bauer in America, from the Saturday, march 17, see at AVROTROS on NPO1, traveling the singer together with his wife Mariska to the United States. They visit cities such as Memphis, New Orleans and New York, and meet the step-brother of Elvis Presley and boxing legend Chuck Wepner.


At the beginning of this year was French on the zondagavonden to see with the Curling Quiz, a program that is fairly remained in addition to a kijkcijfertopper as The Luizenmoeder. “With delayed viewing, we had an average of a million viewers. I’m still proud of that success. The competition was fierce and it is unbelievable that it is so well received,” said French, who for the first time a spelletjesprogramma presented.

“It was really a learning experience. I must still work”, so watching the singer back. “There may be certain things better.”

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