Attack on Russian spy: nerve agents found in restaurant

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An ambulance is packed to be taken to be.

In the investigation of the attack on the Russian spy and his daughter in London, the British police 200 witnesses found, and more than 240 exhibits of evidence. That explained the Interior minister Amber Rudd. Meanwhile, were also in a restaurant in Salisbury residues of nerve gas found.

Sergei Skripal (66) a Russian spy is that the names of other spies doorspeelde to the British, was Monday afternoon, and together with her daughter Yulia (33) unconscious found on a bench in the shopping centre of Salisbury. The two appeared to have been poisoned with a nerve agent.

‘The two victims remain in the hospital”, said minister Rudd. ‘They are still in critical condition, but stable.’ Nick Bailey, an agent who became unwell after he was one of the first to arrived to the place of the attack, is already back to consciousness. He remains seriously ill, according to Rudd.

Ambulances and police car moved

In Salisbury, normally a peaceful, provincial town in the South of England, combs of soldiers and experts in protective clothing and gas masks to the city in search of traces of the nerve gas. In Zizzi, an Italian restaurant where Skripal and his daughter ate for they were found, in the remains of that gas is found. That, reports the BBC.

Several ambulances were by soldiers with protective material and packed, after which they are taken. At the hospital where the Skripals, was an army truck used to be a cop car to move.

There is an accusing finger pointed in the direction of Moscow, but the Kremlin has any involvement is denied. According to the Russian government to try the British media, the anti-Russian feelings to stir.

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